Commanders’ Log: Sep. 30

Commanders’ Log: Sep. 30

Greetings Commanders, here’s your weekly recap:

Commanders Amos Reade, Robrogan, and 10000ukuleles met in Hupako system to discuss special upgrades to their frame shift drives to greatly extend their jump range. Word was that an engineer would be willing to meet with you if you just brought the right incentive.

So they traveled far out in search of some rare minerals as a first step to getting an engineered FSD! This stuff can only be found in Thargoid Barnicles. At first they spent a frustrating amount of time on Merope but had NO luck! Some remnants, but none with the minerals.

Asking around a bit, Amos heard that Hyades Sector had a "Thargoid forest" planet to scavenge. It took a lot of searching, but they found some and took it to the engineer Felicity Farseer in the Deciat system. Mission: Accomplished!

Somewhere along their journey, CMDRs Amos Reade and Robrogan received a communique from Elvira Martuuk to come see her about engineering; she "wants to help all explorers" and they must have gotten a bit of a reputation out there, but Amos and Rob will have to see for themselves what price she’s asking for this help.

Character Update:

Rob talked about how deciding that his character (who still needs a name) is a Stellar Photographer!

While he explores a lot, and it does help pay the bills, his first passion is to get the most fantastic shots of galactic wonders that people may never get to see themselves. Some day, he hopes to get out into deep space and maybe even be published in the Sagittarius Eye! Meanwhile, he’ll be chronicling group events and stellar phenomena along the way, contributing to the #ed-screenshots channel, or maybe even a website soon.

Who is your character? Why is that commander risking the dangers of space? Why are they called commanders when they’re almost always flying solo?


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