The Scenic Route – Pt. 1

The Scenic Route – Pt. 1

CMDRs 10000Ukuleles, Amos Reade, & Robrogan

Deep Space Edition!

The wing has set off for the much-anticipated expedition to the center of the galaxy. Check the full route on EDSM. Here’s your first recap of progress so far.

Some highlights from the first gallery below:

  • We saw our first black hole at our first waypoint: HR 6164 (EDSM)
  • Amos and Robrogan smashed into a 3G heavy (pink) planet, almost killing themselves at their first stop!
  • Awesome looking tourist outpost by the neutron star

Highlights from the second gallery below:

  • Our second waypoint, Heaven’s Lathe HD 175876 (EDSM) had an amazing disc around a neutron star
  • Some of us have finally had the honor of being the very FIRST person in the galaxy to surface scan a planet
  • CMDR 10000 Ukuleles delicately landed his ship at the very peak of a mountain at the end of our session and stitched together an amazing vista from VR

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